Never knock your grandma's style...

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Hey. I'm Lindsay - the ladybird who makes your jewelry.

Avert = Treva spelled backwards. My jewelry is a style mashup inspired by both my rad grannys, with nothing old fashioned about it. I hope my leathers, laces, stones & shiny things bring magic to your ears and a smile to your face.

This little business misadventure has been a long time coming, and I'm so very glad you're here to share in the happiness! Now for what's really important; learn more about Carol & Treva...


Meet Carol.

Without Grandma Carol I would never, ever have been brave enough to attempt some of the color combinations within this jewelry line that have become the most coveted by customers. Why isn't she part of my brand's namesake? Carol backwards equals Lorac, and that ish was already taken aight? Moving on...

Carol looks super chic in this photo, but that's a mere special occasion finery facade. IRL? This is the wilder one we warned you about. Gramma C wears striped shirts with plaid pants and polka dot socks all at the same time and across an array of colors you might not be very quick to say were... complementary?

My brother and I didn't appreciate it when she'd show up to our high school events, but man do I look fondly upon that outrageous attire today. To Carol and to all the grandmas out there steady makin' a statement - we salute you!


Without further adieu... Treva!

Pictured in her put together glory, and 95 years to boot! No knocking style points for the hat not matching her shirt; it's my fault. Homegirl tried to make me drop her fab 1920-1950 hat stash at Goodwill. Naturally, I insisted upon a family photoshoot then kept all the hats in their rightful vintage department store boxes. (Don't fret about our secret - Treva won't read this; she's too d*mn busy for the internet.)

Kidding aside, this woman is my biggest inspiration and quietest (but most powerful) cheerleader. My work ethic and style I owe to her shining example. Her light shines so bright you almost have to avert your eyes to keep the beauty from making you cry. 

Dearest Treva
& Carol too, 

Avert exists only because of you.